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Horror Festival Begins and Stage Fright Winner Announced!

It has begun! At 7.30pm on chilly Monday evening, the London Horror Festival officially kicked off, and thanks to the amazing work of the Wireless Theatre Company, three stunning horror writers and ‘the man who put the fishnets in Halloween’, Richard O’Brien, it did so with style!

Monday played host to the grand finale of our first ever Stage Fright writing competition, which saw three brand new radio dramas performed and recorded live and in the flesh by performers from the Wireless Theatre Company. From the claustrophobic camping horrors of Gina Hills Intense through the M.R. James-esque chills of Jeremy Fielding’s The Sacred Amethyst of Myanmar to the gruesome contemporary Muse by Lucy Bell, each drama was truly impressive and brought brilliantly to life by Wireless.

The winner of the Andre De Lorde award for horror writing was then selected by Richard, and we’re thrilled to announce that Jeremy Fielding took the prize for Sacred Amethyst, which won Richard with its combination of old-school chills and globe-hopping narrative. Huge congrats to Jeremy!

The evening was closed with a fantastic performance of rock’n'roll and Rocky Horror classics from Richard himself, who looked frankly spectacular in his crystal studded stilettos and glam tights and fur combo.

The Etcetera was packed to bursting, and we all did the Time Warp (again). Awesome.

No rest for the wicked, though, as last night the fabulous Monster Hunters and Dracula: Sex, Sucking and Stardom kicked off their runs. And many congrats to the Drac boys, who enjoyed a total sell-out on their first night! Long may it continue.

And with that, I’d better drag my bones along to the Etcetera, where tonights festivities are about to commence…

- Stewart